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Everybody Loves Green Tea

Posted by bmagnus On November - 6 - 2009

The latest news on green tea is a study showing that green tea might help prevent oral cancers. This is just a small study, and the researchers admit that “While still very early, and not definitive proof that green tea is an effective preventive agent, these results certainly encourage more study for patients at highest risk for oral cancer.” Test subjects also took the equivalent of 8-10 cups per day — a substantial quantity. Nevertheless, green tea has many benefits for those who drink it, and more are being found on a regular basis.

Sure, everybody loves the fact that green tea has a little bit of caffeine. It’s also got lots of plant chemicals that seem to be good for humans. Recent stories you may have seen on your local news station include the idea that green tea can help prevent flu, and help people lose weight. As for actual research, here’s some recently published studies:

That’s just a handful of recent items. In addition to confirming that the Japanese love green tea, studies continue to support the idea that green tea is good for us — or at the very least, not harmful. Perhaps it’s tea-time.

One Response to “Everybody Loves Green Tea”

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