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Warren Magnus. DO

I am a family medicine and urgent care physician living in Las Vegas. In my career I have done everything from traditional family medicine and emergency medicine to sports medicine, weight loss, and anti-aging. Professionally, I have  good idea what I am talking about when it comes to fitness, weight loss and delaying the wages of age.

Personally, my weight loss and fitness journey began over a decade ago. While still in my medical training I found that my weight had been slowly creeping up and I was looking at yet another increase in belt size. Having just replaced a portion of my wardrobe for what I had considered the inevitability of weight gain with a mature life of a husband and father, I said enough and set out to lose weight. I also went about things the wrong way, I was successful but it wasn’t the best approach.

50 Pounds of Weight Loss

50 Pounds of Weight Loss

This is what I accomplished in a few months with highly disciplined dieting. I lost 50 pounds and still in relatively poor physical condition. Diet alone can work, but it won’t make you ripped or lean, just thin. Over the intervening years I added real exercise and have slowly become leaner and more fit. Every year since I look back and have been in the best shape of my life. Every year I get better than the year before.

What is this all about?

This site originally began to support a dedicated anti-aging medical practice. One of the things I discovered was that more than just clinical help, people needed information. Be it fitness, weight loss or anti-aging information, we will try and feature it here. The goal is to share our collective experience and provide a little motivation. Staying healthy, trim and minimizing aging can be hard work but the benefits are worth it.