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Am I Blue? Berry, berry blue.

Posted by wmagnus On September - 29 - 2010Comments Off

Blueberries have gotten a lot of attention for their content of resveretrol, the compound that can turn on genes that favor longevity, but that’s not all that blueberries seem to offer to someone looking to age against the machine. Recent research publishing the Journal of Nutrition has found benefits from blueberries not only for general aging but for control of blood sugar and vascular disease as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Exercise and Cancer: Predicting the Future

Posted by wmagnus On September - 17 - 20101 COMMENT

Europeans have a different idea of what constitutes overweight than Americans. Here health authorities are up in arms as American’s BMI climbs over 30 into the realm of obesity. European researchers are taking harder looks at the effects of weight as the population’s weight pushes up over 25, merely overweight. With that rising weight, Europeans are also seeing a rise in weight related cancers, most notably colon cancer.

Reported in the September issue of the European Journal of Cancer, researchers at the University of Manchester in the UK used statistical models to predict the future of cancer rates in Europe. They also looked at something else: How would cancer rates change if Europeans changed their behaviors relative to weight and exercise? Read the rest of this entry »

Exercise to Elevate Mood: Yoga or Walking?

Posted by bmagnus On August - 20 - 2010Comments Off

Over the last 3 decades, there has been a wealth of research suggesting that light to moderate cardiovascular exercise such as walking can benefit those suffering from depression. But what about yoga?

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Would You Like a Side Order of Simvastatin?

Posted by bmagnus On August - 13 - 2010Comments Off

A group of British doctors are suggesting a novel way to combat the “artery clogging” properties of fast food: serve it with a free dose of anti-cholesterol drugs. They call it “a rational modern means to offset the cardiovascular risk,” comparing it to the risk reduction of “wearing a seat belt or choosing cigarettes with filters.” But is it a good idea?

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Posted by bmagnus On August - 6 - 2010Comments Off

There are two schools of thought on sugar. One says that sugar is sugar, period, the end, and it’s only a problem if you consume too much of it. Many people in this camp think that the concerns over high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are overblown (and that much of the research stating otherwise is flawed). There another school of thought that feels that all sugars are not created equal, and many in this camp think that HFCS is particularly dangerous. Science just gave a point to the latter point of view.

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