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But It’s Good For You

Posted by bmagnus On April - 30 - 2010

Last time we talked about four things that almost all experts agree are bad for you. Today let’s talk about things that those same experts would agree are good for you!

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. This advice is pretty much universal. Almost all of us could stand to eat more plain old fashioned veggies, including some vegetarians. They contain lots of quality vitamins and minerals.

Water. The best thing you can possibly drink is clean, pure water. Water itself is an essential nutrient that we need to survive. Our bodies don’t store it very well, so we need to consume it regularly.

Regular physical activity. Most experts think that a minimum acceptable level is a half hour a day of moderate intensity activity most days of the week, but of course there are benefits to exceeding that level. What you do is entirely your decision; there are activities out there for almost everybody. Even a good brisk walk counts.

Olive Oil. I have yet to see any scientist say anything bad about olive oil, and many studies have found very good things. It’s an important component of Mediterranean diets. Sure, it’s fat, but mostly monounsaturated fat and proven to lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Cook with it, use it in sauces and dressings, enjoy it.

These last two items are a little more controversial, but still get thumbs up from many experts.

Cold Water Fish. Fish such as salmon and sardines have lots of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, a natural anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, a lot of fish is contaminated with mercury, so many experts cannot recommend eating great amounts of it.

Green Tea. There are a lot of benefits to drinking green tea as we have discussed before. But we are talking about reasonable quantities of brewed green tea: not diet teas, not green tea extract, not weight loss formulas that contain green tea. Green tea does contain caffeine, and some people are sensitive to it. Like anything else, people who drink too much green tea may experience problems. In addition, there are a lot of phytochemicals in green tea that are not completely understood; some of these may interact with some medications. Nevertheless, for most people, a cup or two daily is a net benefit.

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