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Leading By Example

Posted by bmagnus On October - 5 - 2009

Last week we had the opportunity to talk about the amazing Jack Lalanne and his 95th birthday. Jack is a man who is a true fitness leader. He didn’t get there just by building gyms though, he got there by being an example. He isn’t the only fitness leader who leads by example, that is something that true leaders do at any age.

Here’s 5 achievers, all over 80 years old — one of them over a hundred. What’s the common factor? All are physically active. In fact, they all are doing amazing things: racing on bikes and in marathons, competitive bodybuilding, serious yoga. Truly these are people who should inspire you to pull on the workout clothes and say “I want to be like that when I grow up!”

Closer to home (and much closer to my age) we have the great example of Michelle Obama. Here’s a  lady who gets up early every morning to work out. It’s worth pointing out that she hits all 3 core areas of fitness: strength, cardio, and flexibility. And even though she freely admits to liking junk food now and then, she also points out that the key is moderation. Perhaps most important, she is teaching her kids to have healthy ideas about diet and exercise.

There are doubtlessly other examples of people who are leading good lives and aging gracefully through diet and exercise. Perhaps you are even one of them. Keep your eyes open, and there are people who will motivate and inspire you everywhere.

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