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Posted by moddoctor On January - 1 - 2007

Welcome to Age Against the Machine. This is the website for my medical practice. I am Dr. Warren Magnus.

My vision is a different kind of medical practice. I’ve fought hard in the trenches of Detroit emergency rooms, private practice and late night Las Vegas urgent care. I know that things just aren’t right with medicine as it exists today. The focus isn’t on making people healthy and coping with the concerns and problems that people really have.

People want to be healthy. People want to look good. People want to live longer.

That just doesn’t happen at the typical HMO or PPO medical practice. The insurance companies and time constraints dictate the rules and doctors are pressed for time to see more patients. It’s hard to ask a question about supplements or hormones or weight loss under those conditions.

Age Against the Machine is a different. Together we’ll focus on maximizing your health and retaining or restoring your vitality. If you’ve heard of concierge medicine, it’s my goal to provide that level of boutique care without an annual subscription.

Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss can be the core of maximizing your health and vigor. If you’re carrying around a few extra pounds those might not just be unsightly but can but your overall health at risk. At Age Against the Machine, I have a variety of proven means available to help you meet your weight loss goals. I also know that Las Vegas is a special town where there are professional weight loss needs too. No matter what your weight loss goals or how far you have to go, let me help you get where you are going.

Medical and Anti-Aging

Whether you need an annual screening or are looking to maximize managing your current medical management, let me help you make the most of your medical care. I also have the resources available to maintain your discretion and keep your medical issues private.


If you’ve already lost the weight and have a lingering fat pad or are just looking to sculpt your body without surgery, mesotherapy/lipodissolve is one way to get the job done. Using techniques unique in the Las Vegas Valley, I can make the process as safe and as close to pain free as possible.

Cost of Services

Browse the services that you can tap into to Age Against the Machine. Fortunately or unfortunately, I do not accept insurance. I have focused on keeping the prices reasonable. Even better, if you are reading this introduction be sure and ask for the “industry discount” which will result in lower rates regardless of which services you visit Age for.

Let’s get started! Click the “Contact” link at the top or call for an appointment  at 1-866-979-3438 today!

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