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Testosterone Associated with Reduced Risk

Posted by moddoctor On January - 9 - 2008

Scouting through the literature today revealed a study in the journal Circulation. This study showed that low testosterone was a predictor for cardiovascular disease in aging men.

Searching the archives of this same journal finds that in 1999, this study found, “Short-term intracoronary administration of testosterone, at physiological concentrations, induces coronary artery dilatation and increases coronary blood flow in men with established coronary artery disease.” The study actually infused testosterone at normal levels into the coronary arteries of men and observed the flow rate effects on the arteries. Italian researchers found that normal testosterone levels improved ischemia in men who already had heart disease according to this study.

This is one journal and 3 studies. All of these show positive findings relative to testosterone levels in aging men. Searching the endocrine literature reveals more of these kinds of studies. Looking back to last week, the bias of JAMA is more apparent the farther one looks into specialty specific journals.

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