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“Huh, Maybe Bisphenol A Isn’t Good For You”

Posted by bmagnus On January - 18 - 2010

That’s a rough summary of what the FDA said on Friday. Maybe you recall what we said about the stuff almost exactly 2 years ago. Back in 2008, the FDA declared it “safe.” Now they aren’t so sure.

They aren’t going so far as to say it’s actually bad for you. However, they are expressing “concerns” about the safety of BPA, pointing out that 90% of Americans have Bisphenol A in their blood (which can’t be a good thing). The FDA specifically wants to get some more research done on BPA and reduce human exposure to it — especially when it is used for baby bottles and infant feeding cups. Canada already banned it for that use in 2008, several states have similar bans, and some retailers have voluntarily stopped carrying products that use it due to consumer demands.

There’s still a lot of politics involved, so an outright FDA ban is very unlikely right now. However, it’s good news that they at least want to investigate the safety of BPA further, and very good news for people who want to avoid unnecessary contact with it.

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