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Two new weight loss pills coming

Posted by moddoctor On July - 16 - 2008

Mind you neither of these are new, but Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. has just completed Phase IIb trials of Empatic. That’s a combination pill containing Zonegran and Wellbutrin. Both drugs have been used in weight loss for some time but as multiple drugs. Together the drugs act to suppress the appetite and cravings and result in sustained weight loss over time. The most recent trial demonstrated a consistent 10-15% over 24 to 48 weeks. Pretty good stuff for being non-stimulant medications. Neither of these drugs is currently FDA approved for weight loss, though they can be used off-label.

Over at Vivas, Qnexa is under trial and seeking FDA approval. It’s a combination of drugs that have been long compounded for specialty weight loss programs such as the widely known Phentermax program or used as single drugs for weight loss.   Phentermine, one component, is the classic appetite suppressant and has been in use for decades. Topiramate (or Topamax) is not approved by the FDA for weight loss but has in recent years been found to cause some weight loss on its own and shown significant synergy with other weight loss drugs.

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