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Trend toward obesity continues

Posted by moddoctor On July - 3 - 2008

According to CalorieLab, Inc., the obesity trend in the US hasn’t yet stabilized. They track all kinds of nutritional and weight loss related data. Their current map is now US complete having for the first time added Hawaii.

What is most disturbing about this data is that year-over-year only the District of Columbia improved and that only by a miniscule amount. Click on the map above to read their whole story.

According to this data, Nevada has 23.6% of its residents with a BMI of greater than 30. 1 in 4 Nevadans are more than just overweight, they are flattly obese.  This is, no pun intended, huge. The amount of fundamental lifestyle change that needs to occur is truly significant. Relationships with food must change. Exercise programs need to begin.

The machinery is pushing toward heavy and the problems that come with it, aging against the machine begins with weight control.

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