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Tomatoes Reduce Sunburn and Aging

Posted by moddoctor On April - 30 - 2008

The Universities of Newcastle and Manchester have released the results of an interesting study that looks at elements of the Mediterranean diet. Two groups of patients were used, one adding extra olive oil to their diet and the other added oil oil plus 5 tablespoons of standard tomato paste. While the study was small, the results revealed that those eating more tomato showed greater resistance to injury from UV light (ie. sunburn) as well as significantly increased amounts of procollagen in their skin. The increase in procollagen suggests that some reversal of prior collagen loss may occur as well.

This is just one more reason to eat lots of tomatoes, though since lycopene has long been considered one of the strongest anti-oxidants.

Living in Las Vegas where the UV index is always very high, I’m not quite ready to resort to the 5 tablespoons of tomato paste used in the study but it’s definitely worth considering. I do think that those who insist on indoor tanning would be well advised to maximize the tomatoes in their diets, though.

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