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The Weight Loss Cure He Can’t Tell You About…

Posted by moddoctor On October - 8 - 2008

But that’s ok because it doesn’t work.

I’ve commented on HCG based weight loss strategies before. Well, the Federal Trade Commission has actually found Kevin Trudeau’s “secret plan” so deceptive that he’s banned from doing informercials for three years following a court battle. Over the last several years he has promoted his book,”The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.” As an added bonus, he’s been penalized $5 million.

Why did they go after him? Because he’s simply lying. His informercials promoted a book that contained an at best difficult if not impossible diet plan that he promoted as “simple.”

Among other things the court found:

  • the diet protocol could not be done “easily” and “at home,” because the protocol described in Trudeau’s book requires colonics, which must be done at the office of a licensed practitioner, as well as injection of hormones;
  • dieters could not “complete” or “finish” Trudeau’s four-phase program, because Trudeau’s book states that “Phase 4 is for the rest of your life”;
  • dieters could not eat “anything” they want, because Trudeau’s book prescribes that dieters following Phase 4 must eat “only 100% organic food,” and no “brand name” food, “fast food,” or “food served by regional or national chain restaurants”; and
  • the diet protocol did not require “no exercise,” because Trudeau’s book states that three of the diet’s four phases, including Phase 4, require walking one hour outside every day.

This is to say nothing of the book’s promotion of the original Simeone protocol that required a 500 calorie diet.

There are no easy answers for weight loss and a guy effectively selling easy diet results out of the trunk of his car is definitely not to be trusted.

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