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More downer news for Western Style Eating…

Posted by moddoctor On October - 23 - 2008

The new issue of Circulation has an article best summarized here. Sadly, what we already know is reenforced: the Western diet of higher intake of fried foods, salty snacks, eggs and meat significantly increases the risk of heart disease. This was compared to the Orietal diet, high in tofu and soy, which was heart disease neutral and the “Prudent diet,” high in fruits and vegetables, which was preventative of heart disease. None of this is a surprise, but this data just keeps compounding.

Also this week, the British Medical Journal published a study on eating habits that shows that your mother was right. Eating quickly and eating until full are both associated with increased risk of overweight. So, pushing away from the table before feeling completely full and eating more slowly which are both behaviors that I advocate for weight loss are in fact associated with lower body mass.

The lesson from these two studies, I suppose is that one should slow down and not quite eat their fill of a “prudent” selection of fruits and vegetables.

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