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How to Fail at Exercise

Posted by bmagnus On August - 28 - 2009

Recently, we discussed that picking too intense a workout regimen can lead to bad things. We weren’t kidding. So we were both amused and saddened by this tale of a group that decided to take the bull by the horns and work out together. While this account is clearly tongue-in-cheek, it’s an object lesson in what happens when people start an exercise regimen that is beyond their current abilities.

Before going too far, I want to commend these people for recognizing that a support group is a great thing for people who are trying to get fit!  In an ideal world, knowing that you have companions on the road to fitness is great motivation, and a great source of motivation on those days when you just don’t feel like working out. I would also like to point out that these people made that first very important step, admitting to themselves that they could be in much better shape.

While never taking on the whole o f P90X, we are familiar with most of the workouts and have incorporated several into other routines. That being said, the Flexibility workout is probably the easiest of the whole bunch. The Yoga routine is longer and much more challenging. Not everybody is as motivated as last year’s contest winner, Dallas Carter, who dropped 190 pounds, mostly on “the X”.

The choice of where to begin an exercise is an intimidating one. Start out too challenging and it is nothing but a recipe for giving up in despair; not challenging enough and the lack of results will have one giving up in disgust.

It doesn’t matter what the advertising says either. Some research is in order or it is easy to end up like this lady, wondering where the “Not for use by klutzy girls! This means YOU” label was on the box. You’ve got to pay attention to the content, the reviews, any fitness pre-test that comes with the program, and above all be honest with yourself about your own abilities.

As much as it is important to challenge yourself, it is even more important to keep going.

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