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How to Cure a Pain in the Neck at Work

Posted by bmagnus On November - 20 - 2009

Every job has its own unique hazards. One hazard of desk jobs is neck pain. This may seem trivial, but pain in the workplace is estimated to account for 1 out of every 4 sick days an employee takes, and costs employers not just millions of dollars, but billions of dollars. The American Physiological Society has recently published a study on reducing neck pain in office workers.

First, they looked at previous research, showing that over two thirds of neck pain in office workers is caused by trapezius myalgia, a problem in the trapezius muscle at the base of the neck that extends under the shoulder blades.

The study itself divided a group of women with trapezius myalgia neck pain into 3 groups. The first group “received individual and group counseling on ergonomics, diet, health, relaxation and stress management for a total of one hour per week,” but no physical training. The second group did regular cardiovascular workouts on an upright stationary bike. The third had a regular workout of 5 strength exercises targeting the shoulders and back. The study itself strongly followed a Danish study done in 2005 and 2006.

The results:

The team’s latest finding confirms that that five strength exercises — the one-arm row, shoulder abduction, shoulder elevation, reverse fly and upright row — can substantially reduce perceived pain.

These are small studies, but they do show that stronger muscles can reduce pain. However, it is worth mentioning that if you have neck pain — or any other sort of chronic pain — it is wise to see a physician before beginning any workout regimen. It is important to rule out a more serious cause to your pain, and nobody wants you to inadvertently hurt yourself.

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