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Can Vigorous Exercise Make You Smarter?

Posted by bmagnus On September - 21 - 2009

The answer, “probably.” More specifically, intense aerobic exercise may improve memory, cognition, and actual brain size. The New York Times brings us 3 studies supporting the theory that exercise may make you smarter. First, a study in rats shows that more intense exercise can make those rats perform better in tests that require more brainpower. Another study on humans indicates that memory is better after aerobic exercise, as compared to resting or weight lifting. A third study, this one on aging humans, shows actual improvements in the brain itself, which “suggest[s] a strong biological basis for the role of aerobic fitness in maintaining and enhancing central nervous system health and cognitive functioning in older adults.”

Taken together, it seems likely that a good aerobic workout is not just good for your heart and lungs, but good for your brain too.

One Response to “Can Vigorous Exercise Make You Smarter?”

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