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Brew against Alzheimer’s

Posted by moddoctor On April - 3 - 2008

Despite decades of research that has failed to prove any real harm from coffee consumption, there are still researchers out there turning up new and wonderful things about most people’s favorite morning pick-me-up. The Journal of Neuroinflammation has a new study that details how coffee can actually help galvanize the brain against the inflammatory processes that result from a high fat diet and high blood lipids. Those inflammatory changes can lead to the formation of the plaques in Alzheimer’s disease. So while I still recommend against the donut, I heartily recommend the coffee. Coffee, for the record doesn’t have whipped cream or a plastic dome.

Digging through the Journal of Neuroinflammation archives also turns up an interesting study in rats that demonstrates that resveratrol greatly reduces inflammation in the brain. Red wine just looks better all the time.

Good news about coffee and red wine in the same post. Gotta love that.

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