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Blood Pressure Bits

Posted by moddoctor On March - 22 - 2008

High blood pressure is associated with reduced cognitive function. Seems that it’s not just smart to control high blood pressure but it makes one smart (or at least improves cognitive function).

Diets high in vegetables reduce blood pressure all by themselves. Well, at least for diets high in nitrate containing veggies like beets. This study showed a drop in pressure 3 hours after consumption of a half liter of beet juice as the nitrates were converted to nitrite. Still, it shows a reasonable option for “more natural” blood pressure control.

Salt intake and consumption of sugary, high calorie drinks in children and adolescents are tightly coupled. Reducing dietary salt was shown in a UK study to reduce the overall calorie consumption. This should be cautionary for those who find themselves craving salty snacks from time to time as it’s not the salt but the cola chaser that can make for real diet busting problems.

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