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Skin as smooth as a baby’s…

Posted by moddoctor On December - 1 - 2007

Researchers at Stanford have discovered they can reverse the aging process with regards to skin tone and texture. Well, at least in mice. Researcher Howard Chang, MD, PhD, and his colleagues found that blocking the effects of the gene that results in the production of the protein NF-kB (Nuclear Factor-kappa B) caused many of the visible signs of aging to be reversed in mature mouse skin.

Interestingly, there’s a supplement that’s gotten a lot of attention in the anti-aging realm that inhibits NF-kB. N-Acetyl Cisteine (NAC), long used to help treat tylenol overdoses and as a mucous thinner in lung disease patients, has gained the attention of the anti-aging researchers because of its power as an anti-oxidant. It turns out that NAC also improves insulin sensitivity in people with metabolic disorders as well as inhibits the formation of NF-kB(warning: links to heavy science content on this Google search).

There’s enough evidence to reasonably consider adding NAC to your nutritional supplements but dosing levels have yet to be clearly established.

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