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Quick note about Dr. Forsythe

Posted by moddoctor On December - 14 - 2007

Since I posted this morning, Dr. James Forsythe (whose original DOJ release on his indictment you can read here*) spoke at the conference that I am attending. He elaborated on his experience from the initial sham patient used to entrap him through his jury trial acquittal. It’s clear from his experience and presentation that several things are happening:

  • There is now judicial precedent for “off label” use of hGH being legal and acceptable.
  • Dr. Forsythe is working with the A4M to develop a national protocol for age related use of hGH.
  • Dr. Forsythe is of the opinion that “anti-aging” gets the attention of the FDA where as “age management” does not. Whether this is true, I can’t say but it does seem likely.

This story is over from a criminal standpoint. Dr. Forsythe is a free man and back in his practice. There are civil proceedings pending from wrongful arrest to prosecutorial prejudice that will take time to shake out. The fallout for practice of “age management” will continue for some time.

This affair, while an awful experience for Dr. Forsythe, can only improve the quality of “age management” medical care by bringing it closer to the mainstream.

* It’s funny that I couldn’t find the DoJ release about the acquittal…

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