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Fructose, Memory, and Triglycerides

Posted by bmagnus On August - 10 - 2009

Among the many less-than-pleasant things that might happen as people age are memory loss and heart troubles. A new study suggests that a high fructose diet is bad for both. Rats fed a diet high in fructose had a hard time remembering their way through a maze they had already learned. More, they had “fructose-induced increases in plasma triglycerides.” Triglycerides are a kind of fat that is linked to coronary artery disease, a serious risk factor for a heart attack.

Fructose is a kind of sugar. Although it occurs naturally in some foods, it is also added to many foods, often in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. Many say this is a harmless thing, others say it has contributed to the rising obesity rate among Americans.

Some sources still recommend the use of fructose as a sweetener by diabetics because it has a lower glycemic response (doesn’t make blood sugar rise as much) than other kinds of sugar. However, research tends to indicate that fructose is no better than other sugars in the long run — because it does raise triglyceride levels — and might even cause type 2 diabetes! Surprise, sugar is bad for people who have a disease that impairs the ability to digest sugar.

Even if you aren’t concerned with the effect high fructose diets may have on your weight or blood sugar levels, be concerned with the effect such a diet may have on your mind and heart.

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