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Fountain of Youth in a Pill?

Posted by moddoctor On November - 24 - 2007

Sirtis Pharmaceuticals is running trials on a compound that’s derived from resveratrol. That’s the magic mojo that makes red wine so enticing as a “tonic” and is largely thought to be responsible for the French paradox. It’s available in many other foods but at very low concentrations. It still makes a great excuse to eat more berries and peanuts. The lead article is pretty light on detail but since you can buy resveratrol at the health food store today, you can supplement now. There is some debate in the nutritional community whether your supplement needs to contain quercitin as well to make the resveratrol useful to the body so keep that in mind if you head out shopping. Me, I still like red wine but the tabletized form gets you far more resveratrol than even the most unhealthy quantities of vino can. Cheers.

One Response to “Fountain of Youth in a Pill?”

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