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Botox for men

Posted by moddoctor On December - 29 - 2007

A major dermatology journal has confirmed what we already knew. It takes more Botox to get the same results in men. This isn’t new information but having a peer reviewed article like this one might help men understand better why it costs so much more for their Botox than it does for women. Botox is a commodity product that prices out by the unit. Often when a provider charges “per area” they are figuring towards 15-20 units per area of the face. That’s enough to be sure that most women will get a good result. Obviously, with men needing often twice that much it’s much more difficult to price “per area.” Per unit pricing makes more sense for everyone.

Don’t get confused or ripped off with “per area” pricing. Make sure that you’re getting what you are paying for. Here in Las Vegas, the going rate for Botox Cosmetic seems to be about $12/unit. That means that a $240 “area” should be 20 units. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

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